GTA 5 Not Coming to Xbox 720 and PS4 Any Time Soon


GTA 5 is currently set to release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, September 17, 2013. But a lot of industry professionals are predicting a GTA 5 release on PS4 and Xbox 720. Actually, Sony has already said that GTA 5 will hit the new PlayStation 4 during Christmas of this year. Nothing is know about a potential Xbox 720 release. A PC version is likely to start development sometime in the near future.

Looking at Rockstar’s past, the company has not intention to rush games out, they like to make everything pefect before they release it. That being said, GTA 5 could possibly be set back in the mist of the next gen consoles being released later this fall. If GTA 5 will be released on Xbox 720, it will most likely be announced during Microsoft’s press event for Xbox 720 or during E3. And who knows, maybe GTA 5 will have a surprise release on the Wii U?