PS4 Surprise leads to Xbox 720 Unveil in April

Xbox Prestige

Sony’s surprise unveiling of the PlayStation 4 completely caught Microsoft off guard. Microsoft which is based in Redmond, WA is hurrying to put together the Xbox 720 reveal much earlier than they wanted. Developers and industry professionals are saying Microsoft will reveal the anticipated Xbox 720 in April instead of the rumored E3 launch in June.

Microsoft is currently putting together everything needed to launch the Xbox 720 in April at their own press event. In a way this could work out better for Microsoft if they do it correctly, they will have the spotlight to them self instead of sharing it with all the other huge media that will arrive at E3.

It looks like Sony is a huge player in what could be the biggest console war we’ve seen. In the past, Sony has been last to unveil their console with Microsoft usually ahead by a huge margin. If things continue like this, Sony could have a huge advantage in sales by launching their PlayStation 4 this year during the holiday season.